How to Become an Ambassador

HCL Ambassadors are nominated every year in October by the HCL community and individuals can also nominate themselves. HCL reviews the nomination and in mid-December they announce the Ambassadors for the next year.


Trusted to Handle What Comes Next

Nominations consists of the following:

  • Details of the nominee
  • Summary of their ambassador quality
  • 3-6 detailed accounts of their community contributions
  • Details of the nominator if they are nominating someone else

Hints to Qualify


  • Describing unique contributions to the community in the past 12 months (with referable links)
  • Links to authored materials; blogs, videos, etc.
  • Speaking engagements
  • Contributions to HCL Software Academy
  • Participation in Beta programs with contribution evidence


  • Referring to LinkedIn posts that are reposted from other authors
  • Repeating the same activities
  • Referencing items that are considered part of your daily business activities

Code of Conduct