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Value Stream Management for the Enterprise

HCL Accelerate is a data-driven value stream management platform that automates the delivery and interpretation of data so businesses can make faster, more strategic decisions and streamline processes.
By integrating with the tools you’re already using, HCL Accelerate aggregates data from across your DevOps pipeline to give you actionable insights so you can get the most out of your DevOps investments. HCL Accelerate is part of HCL Software DevOps, a comprehensive DevOps product suite comprised of powerful, industry-proven software solutions.

Unprecedented Visibility into your Value Stream

HCL Accelerate’s powerful DevOps Query Language allows you to model your value stream and easily see the cycle time for each stage, providing traceability of work from idea to business value.

With this unprecedented view into your DevOps data, you can make better decisions for budgeting, timelines, and staffing.

Compatible with your existing toolset

HCL Accelerate is tool agnostic and sits on top of your existing DevOps toolchain to maximize the investment you’ve already made. Through our extensive plugins library, HCL Accelerate easily integrates with the DevOps tools you use.

Don't see what you're looking for in our plugins library? Upload your own custom plugin to share with the Accelerate community.

Swim Lanes view

Take your Agile ceremonies to the next level by being able to spot who needs help or which items are stuck. Using the “Swim Lanes” view, HCL Accelerate allows you to see who is working on each item in your value stream and how far along these items are in your pipeline.

Team leads can use this info to redistribute work and offer help to team members to reach business goals

Unique "Dots" Tracking

Spot bottlenecks, improve flow and increase ROI with HCL Accelerate’s Dots view, which gives you an easy-to-understand visual representation of every work item in your pipeline.

Each Dot represents key components of the value stream with different symbols. For example, a square with a red outline represents a pull request that has an alert on it.

Custom Reports view in HCL Accelerate

Spend less time between excel sheets and aggregating data from scattered DevOps tools. Jump into the Custom Reports view in HCL Accelerate to define what metrics are relevant for you to monitor from one tool or many. Automate your custom reports so data comes to you and your team when you need it.

Automated and manual gates

HCL Accelerate offers an advanced level of governance with intelligent gates and audit tracking so you can manage risk and improve quality.

With HCL Accelerate, you can deploy immediately, schedule deployments, or join releases to move quickly through lower environments and protect higher environments.

Integrate with the tools you’re already using

HCL Accelerate is compatible with hundreds of DevOps tools through our library of plugins. Streamline your work on a single platform, and save time and money bypassing costly product bundling.

HCL Accelerate Community Edition

Get started with value stream management today with the free Community Edition of HCL Accelerate. No strings attached, no credit card required.

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Community Edition

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Standard Edition

Best for enterprises who want a custom, comprehensive project plan.

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Try HCL Accelerate with an easy-to-use, cloud-native demo environment powered by HCL SoFy

our value stream management solution

Start using HCL Accelerate with just a few clicks. Request access to HCL SoFy to get hands-on experience with our value stream management solution and see how it works with your existing DevOps pipeline.

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