Innovative automation bundle offering competitive advantage

Innovative Automation Bundle Offering Competitive advantage

Expedite your cloud automation capabilities and take advantage of this powerful automation bundle bringing best-in-class products together. Experience HCL Workload Automation, HCL Clara, HCL HERO, and Automation Hub, to build a world-class enterprise automation platform today.

Orchestrate Workflows in Hybrid Environments with a Voice Command

Advanced job scheduling with managed file transfer.

Advanced Job Scheduling with managed file transfer and realtime monitoring capabilities in Cloud

Orchestrates complex workflows and business-critical processes across multiple platforms and applications, from a centralized point of control in any cloud, public/hybrid.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant, enhancing Workload Automation customers’.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant to Assist via Voice and Text

The Intelligent Virtual Assistant, enhancing Workload Automation customers’ experience with natural language processing interactions and troubleshooting actions.

Health check & runbook optimizer.

Health check & Runbook Optimizer to monitor server health realtime

HCL HERO assist IT Administrators, to optimize HWA infrastructure, monitor server health, and perform recovery actions with specialized runbooks.

Marketplace for plugins and integrations.

Marketplace for Plugins and Integrations

Automate more and better with cutting-edge integrations, covering the spectrum from IT tasks to business processes.

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Automate workflows and build your own robust enterprise automation solution in any cloud.