The HCL BigFix App for QRadar significantly increases the scope and depth of QRadar security intelligence with profound endpoint security data monitored and managed by BigFix.​​


  • Improved effectiveness of your SIEM operations through extensive endpoint security data from BigFix
  • IBM validated integration

Use Cases

The HCL BigFix App for QRadar is able to retrieve from BigFix a variety of endpoint security data including:

  • Patches to be applies
  • Vulnerabilities discovered
  • Antivirus deployment status
  • Software installed, processes running, and files with crypto-hashes
  • On-demand malware classification of crypto-hashes through IBM X-Force Exchange
  • Configuration compliance status

Additional Resources

Go to IBM X-Force App Exchange here.


HCL Support


BigFix v9.5+
QRadar v.7.2.8+

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