Transform HCL Workload Automation customer experience with HCL Clara!

HCL Clara, an Intelligent Virtual Assistant, understands human input, provides answers by tapping into a rich, specialized knowledge base. Clara allows direct interaction with HCL Workload Automation in natural language to execute routine tasks and enables users to quickly learn how to use and troubleshoot the product.

Chatbot Supporting Multiple Applications and Platforms

Clara offers a human-like, personalized, round-the-clock experience to Workload Automation users, to minimize the FAQ-type calls. Clara facilitates Semantic Search in product documentation to increase the response rate. Clara runs custom services on request, leveraging the Self-Service Catalog.

It accesses knowledge base and provides recommendations and perform tasks.

Clara provides machine-based translation between multiple languages through popular services, such as Google and Azure Translation Services, and HCL Translator. HCL Translator is based on Machine Learning models that have been trained and fine-tuned to understand context-specific terms used in the Workload Automation domain, thus greatly improving the user experience.

HCL Software products conveniently with voice command or simple text chat.

Clara saves IT ops time reducing common issue repeat incidents, frees up users, manages how-to questions, and initiates Workload Automation troubleshooting conveniently with voice commands or simple text chat.

Virtual assistant minimize the FAQ-type calls

Clara can access your knowledge base, provide recommendations, and perform tasks. Clara can retain the context of the conversation in progress to identify the intents more efficiently. It can predict the next conversation based on the current one and can build the conversation flow at runtime providing tips for next action.

Virtual assistant minimize the FAQ-type calls

Clara avatar is able to show emotions and create an empathic conversation. Clara can be customized and used where your team already works. You can use Clara on mobile devices, web browsers, and on popular chat platforms such as Slack, Teams, and more.

Get started with a free trial of HCL Clara and experience to the most powerful and intelligent virtual assistant

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