Transform Client-Experience with Clara!

HCL Clara, an Intelligent Virtual Assistant, understands human input, provides answers by tapping into a rich, specialized knowledge base. Clara allows direct interaction with HCL Software products in natural language to execute tasks and enables users to quickly learn how to use and troubleshoot products.

Minimize the FAQ-type calls

Clara offers a human-like, personalized, round-the-clock experience to HCL Software products users, to minimize the FAQ-type calls. Clara facilitates Semantic Search in product documentation to increase the response rate.

Reduce Common-Issue Repetitive Incidents

Clara saves IT ops time, frees up the users, manages the how-to questions and initiates the initial troubleshooting of HCL Software products conveniently with voice command or simple text chat.

Speed Up Learning Curve on New Features

Clara can access your knowledge base, provide recommendations and perform tasks. Clara has the ability to retain the context of the conversation in progress to identify the intents more efficiently. It can predict the next conversation based on the current one and can build the conversation flow at runtime.

Customizable Chatbot Supporting Multiple Applications and Platforms

Clara can be customized and used where your team already works. You can use Clara on mobile devices, web browsers, and on popular chat platforms such as Skype, Twitter, Slack, Sametime, and more.

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