Flexibility Through Customization

Low-Code/No-Code change management software for enterprise level scaling, process customization, and control to accelerate project delivery and increase developer productivity.

Unprecedented Visibility into your Value Stream

Create repeatable, enforceable, and predictable processes. HCL Compass manages the full range of testing activities from test planning, to test execution, to the capture and analysis of test results. Effective communication, reporting of status, and gathering of insights by individuals, teams, and the enterprise.

Unprecedented Visibility into your Value Stream

Automate workflows and e-mail notification to ensure appropriate team members are immediately alerted when action is required. Receive complete information about any change or update that can impact activities. With everyone working from the same information, issues surface quickly and those affected are able to collaborate on corrective action in real-time.

Unprecedented Visibility into your Value Stream

Customize and enforce consistent development processes and achieve an integrated, consolidated view across the project. In addition to process automation and lifecycle traceability, security features such as user authentication, user authorization, electronic signatures, and audit trails are critical to helping ensure compliance with internal and external requirements.

Unprecedented Visibility into your Value Stream

HCL Compass helps you improve team collaboration by integrating typically siloed processes such as analysis, development, testing, and deployment. Automated workflows and e-mail notification help ensure that appropriate team members are immediately alerted when action is required.

Integrate With the Tools You’re Already Using

HCL Compass is compatible with hundreds of DevOps tools through our library of plugins.


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HCL VersionVault

Secure and manage development assets: Source code, schematics, designs, documentation, test scripts… anything.


HCL Compass

Change and issue management with custom workflow automation: Agile boards, work item management, approvals notification, tracking, fully customizable.


HCL Accelerate

Maximize your DevOps investment with value stream management: Make work visible, exploit bottlenecks, and improve DevOps flow across the organization.


HCL Launch

Deploy anything, anywhere: Continuously deliver better quality applications faster than ever before.


Compose with your existing environment

An investment with HCL Software DevOps doesn’t mean you have to replace the tools and platforms your team knows and loves - Instead, we help you maximize and leverage the tools you already have, like Jira, Jenkins, Git, and Kubernetes.


HCL AppScan

Fast, accurate, agile security testing: Rapidly identify, understand, and remediate vulnerabilities and achieve regulatory compliance.


HCL OneTest

Deliver quality with enterprise test automation: UI, API, embedded, and performance testing, with service virtualization and test data fabrication.

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