Architected to Build More Than just Websites

Deliver robust functionality without the need for custom solutions and hidden costs.

Build Custom Applications Faster with 2000+ APIs

Choose how to integrate your data, processes and services into your DX, giving you the freedom to pick the solutions that meet your custom requirements.

Create Tailored, Insight-driven Experiences

Use connected data and services to create tailored, insight-driven experiences - no matter the channel.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

increase collaboration in the content review process - within workflows and across teams - at any stage.

Keeps Your Data Private. Period.


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Ready for the Future — on the Cloud of Your Choice

Our cloud strategy means you get the solution that meets your business needs — further reducing the need for custom solutions and removing unexpected costs.








Codeless Content Tools for Faster Turnaround


Create and deliver content faster with tools that don’t have a steep learning curve — get from wireframe to web page in minutes.


Design Studio

Drag and drop to deliver experiences in a fraction of the time — without the need for development or IT intervention.


Enhanced asset management across multiple experiences includes versioning, bulk load and migration, and new integrations.

Unica Discover

Analyze user behavior, eliminate roadblocks, and drive more conversions with our Unica Discover integration.


Create, localize, and organize geo-specific content — and establish engaging international experiences — with out-of-the-box tools.



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Let Us Help

Our team of experts are offering free 100% personalized consulting services to help you take your DXP to the next level.

  • Gain insights and action items on how to Improve your customer journey using HCL DX and HCL Unica
  • Get the strategy, advice, and roadmap you need to get cloud-native on the cloud of your choice
  • See how you can solve back-end complexity by utilizing HCL DX’s unmatched integration capabilities

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