Consolidate Employee Resources into a Single Source of Truth

Keep your employees safe and informed even during a global crisis such as COVID-19, when vital training and operational information needs to be reliably distributed quickly and effectively.

Even in times of unexpected high traffic, keep your employee digital experiences up and running with our Kubernetes auto-scale and load-balancing features.

Revolutionizing the Employee Digital Workplace

Learn how our business partner Asponte Technology helped a major financial services company improve their employee intranet with the power of the HCL Digital Experience Platform.

Create Consistent Content across Your Organization

Deliver consistent and rich training to all your employees in a fresh and intuitive interface that they can access from any device.

Develop new and potent content strategies aimed at increasing engagement among employees.

Foster a rich and vibrant online community where employees can freely engage with each other and across the organization.

Increase the Intranet and Portal Experience for Your Employees

Transform the way employees engage at work, stay up to date with the latest training, and supercharge your content strategy with the power of HCL Digital Experience.

Quickly create reusable content components without the need of development resources and dynamically display them to the right people at the right time.

Empower employees with powerful self-service tools.

Deliver user-friendly and intuitive design for employees to manage their payroll and benefits actions, reducing the need to staff call centers any time a change was needed.

Automate eLearning for employees to make it easier to both instruct and track educational initiatives globally.

Award-Winning Intranets are Built on HCL Digital Experience

With the power and flexibility of HCL Digital Experience, and with the help from our experienced business partner Base22, organizations can build award-winning, engaging, and meaningful experiences that connect their workforce and improve operations.

HCL Connections

The HCL Digital Experience (DX) platform enhances employee engagement by delivering self-services like eLearning, benefits management, or company-wide communications. Make the most of your DX investment by integrating with Connections, a collaboration platform, delivering Intranet capabilities, with role-based content and communities designed to boost employee interaction and productivity.


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