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Company: Swiss Red Cross of Zurich
Industry: Healthcare/ Education
Products: Connections
Partner: Belsoft Collaboration


The Swiss Red Cross (SRC), Canton of Zurich, needed a way for its dynamic team of employees and volunteers to effectively communicate and collaborate.


HCL Connections was introduced by Belsoft (BP) and deployed at SRC of Zurich to provide a means for quick and easy access to project information by both internal and external team members.


Thanks to Connections, the team now has 100% ability to share information and quickly bring volunteers up-to-speed on project details so that they are productive on Day One.

HCL Connections is immediately comprehensible and operable for an external user.


Markus Riziotis
Head of IT
Swiss Red Cross of Zurich

About the Company

About the company: Swiss Red Cross of Zurich
The Swiss Red Cross, Canton of Zurich, is an independent aid organization in the canton of Zurich. Together with 2,600 volunteers and numerous donors who support them, the organization provides a range of support for people in difficult life situations.

About the Partner: Belsoft Collaboration
Belsoft Collaboration AG is an independent and innovative solution provider with over 20 years of experience in the IT business. It is an award-winning HCL Business partner headquartered in Zurich, and it partners with their customers to provide powerful communication, collaboration, and integrations solutions, as well as tailor-made software applications.

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