It eliminates the manual intervention in invoice processing which leads to a reduction in errors, cost, and inefficiency

Traditionally, Invoice processing has been among the most time-consuming and error-prone tasks in any organization. Every day, invoices worth billions are processed thereby making it cumbersome for the accounts payable department to verify, extract data manually, download and finally process data for payments. The advent of digital transformation has accelerated automation of this process thereby improving efficiency, effectiveness, reducing manual errors, and enabling enterprises to save cost.

EXACTO™ Invoice is HCL’s patented Artificial intelligence, Deep learning & NLP-based document processing platform designed specifically for capturing data from invoices, receipts, and purchase orders. Integrating seamlessly with multiple sources, EXACTO™ Invoice can process documents in more than 13 languages and provides AI/ML-based document classification & Digitization capabilities.

EXACTO™ Invoice recognizes invoices and extracts fields like Invoice number, Invoice date, Invoice amount, header, line items etc. It has self-learning feature which takes feedback from the user and improves extraction results.

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Product Features

This feature enables the solution to learn with the data and perform extraction without any predefined layout. EXACTO™ Invoice trains on the process-specific documents and with time confidently predicts the correct output. It also gets trained on the fly by correcting the output on its validation screen.

Header & Line items
EXACTO™ Invoice recognizes the header and line items in the invoice and extracts information out of it

Business Rule Application
EXACTO™ Invoice creates queues of documents to be processed on the basis of business rules and also classifies the documents. It follows the mailer-checker flow by first extracting the data from the document and then validating the output based on business rules defined during customization.

Product Benefits

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Enhanced accuracy

Recognizes data in unforeseen and complex invoices and performs extraction with excellent quality

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Ready to use solution

Easy to deploy and use with hosting available in on-premise or in the cloud

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Self-Trainable solution

EXACTO™ Invoice can be trained to locate data in case the required field is not captured and eventually eliminate the need for configuration

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Straight Through Processing

Automates the document processing system from the invoice received to posting of results without any manual intervention

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EXACTO™ Invoice is a part of the overall EXACTO™ offering. To know more about EXACTO™ and all the offerings, please visit here.