Continuous Delivery for the Enterprise

HCL Launch is engineered to handle your most complex deployment situations with push-button automation and controlled auditing needed in regulated and technically diverse enterprises. Watch the demo video to see Launch in action.

Benefits of HCL Launch

HCL Launch automates application deployments across varying IT environments.


Try HCL Launch instantly with an easy-to-use, cloud-native demo environment powered by HCL SoFy

Start using HCL Launch with just a few clicks. Get hands-on experience with our continuous delivery solution to see how it works with your existing DevOps pipeline.

Deploying to Modern Architectures

Every organization has a unique approach to modernization. HCL Launch can provide value for your DevOps transformation, regardless of the maturity of your ecosystem.

Application Modernization is actually the modernization of three areas at once – your architecture, your infrastructure, and your delivery model. HCL Launch enables these three areas to coexist, even when they are in different stages of transformation, so you don’t have to slow down or delay improvement. Modernize your infrastructure with new tools while staying consistent with your delivery process. Enable your teams to add microservices where possible while maintaining the existing architecture. With the HCL Software DevOps suite of solutions, you can piece together the toolchain that best fits your transformation story.

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Features of HCL Launch

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Continuous Delivery

Achieve automated, consistent deployments and rollbacks of applications. Integrate with build and test tools to automatically deploy, test, and promote new builds.

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Governance and Visibility

Easily identify the who, what, when, where, and how of deployment automation, making compliance and audits a breeze.

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Maintain Application Reliability and Visibility

Whether you are developing completely cloud-native applications or managing thousands of distributed applications, HCL Launch simplifies the deployment process and provides visibility into who deployed what, when, and where.

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Multi-Tier Application Models

When applications have many components, HCL Launch makes sure components that were tested together are released together

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Drag-and-Drop Process Designer

Create and visualize large, complex automation processes at a glance, and easily understand the conditions for success and failure. Leverage the template functionality to implement best practices across teams

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Easily connect your current tools

With more than 250 supported integrations, you can tackle DevOps confidently knowing your past technology investment still plan an important role.

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Track What is Where With Inventory

Easily compare environments and track what is where. HCL Launch inventory system tracks the desired state of each environment, as well as what has been successfully deployed, and provides graphical alerts when an environment is out of compliance with that desired state.

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Quality Gates and Approvals

HCL Launch features environment quality gates and approval processes to ensure that only the right stuff goes out at the right time.

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Robust Architecture for the Enterprise

HCL Launch is built to support mission-critical deployments to thousands of servers in numerous data centers. Master server clustering support provides high availability and horizontal scalability of the deployment automation tool.

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Deploy Automatically to Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud

Accelerate application testing and deployment by provisioning cloud environments and deploying application components to those environments. Short-term sandbox, test environment, or long-term production environment — you're in charge.

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In a transition period? We've got you covered.

There's a lot of moving pieces when you're re-architecting your applications moving from a service-oriented architecture to micro services. HCL Launch is uniquely designed to automate the deployment of your application, regardless of where the various components reside, ensuring high availability of your applications during your transition.

Integrate with the tools you’re already using

HCL Launch is compatible with hundreds of other DevOps tools through our library of plugins.


DevOps Transformation Investments

Fully realize the benefits of your DevOps transformation investments.