Your One-Stop Integration Tool

HCL Link is a powerful no-code integration tool that accelerates the integration of many applications and diverse data across your on-prem, cloud and hybrid environments.

New Integration Possibilities

Easy to use, easy to embed no-code tool for HCL Products to provide seamless, out-of-the box integration capability.


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Connect. Transform. Activate!

HCL Link provides a unified solution for data integration. HCL Link is about making connections – between applications and the data needed to run and transform your business. This enables you to activate your data – empowering the right applications and people with the right data at the right time. With the flexibility to deploy where and how you want, you can activate your applications and data with easy-to-use data transformation solutions that will accelerate IT projects and support business and compliance initiatives.

Integration Simplified

  • Dramatically simplifying defining data and transformation so no prior knowledge needed.
  • Make simple tasks simple to get more done, faster.
  • Add wizards and debugging capabilities to simplify creation and testing of all integrations.

Link Inside!

  • Flexibility to deploy where and how you want – on prem, cloud, hosted and native install or containerized.
  • Deliver enterprise qualities of service to scale easily from transactional to batch integration use case.
  • Provide tools to make creating new connectors easier for partners and customers to extend the platform to their specific needs.

Activate Your Data

  • Provide broad set of powerful, modern connectors to easily access data.
  • Enable better insights with simple to use capabilities to load even the most complex data into your ML/AI/Analytics platforms.
  • Access valuable data when and where needed – on demand, scheduled or event-based and on prem, cloud or hybrid.

What You Need for Your Integration


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