HCL OneTest Embedded

Automating the creation and deployment of component test harnesses, test stubs and test drivers is a cinch thanks to OneTest Embedded. With a single click from any development environment, one can profile memory and performance, analyze code coverage and visualize program execution behavior.

Additionally, OneTest Embedded helps be more proactive in debugging, while identifying and assisting in fixing code before it breaks.

Increases tester productivity

Allows for a virtual cycle of test generation, while executing, reviewing and testing improvement to rapidly achieve full test coverage. One click is all it takes to build, execute on the target, and generate reports.

Increases tester productivity

Identifies memory errors early

Single interface for all communications

Insights to personalize offers & interactions across channels

HCL OneTest Embedded - Identifies memory errors early

Identifies memory errors early

Helps preempt performance issues and program crashes. Additionally, can be adapted to work with custom memory management methods used in embedded software.

HCL OneTest Embedded - Improves reliability

Improves reliability

Provides visibility on thread execution and switching to develop a deep understanding of the behavior of the system under test. Also, integrates Test Results and Code Coverage data.

HCL OneTest Embedded - Develops pertinent test cases

Develops pertinent test cases

Avoids delivering code that is executed for the first time by the user or the target system running the application.

HCL OneTest Embedded - Reviews program behavior

Reviews program behavior

The integrated Test Results and Code Coverage data helps developers understand the behavior of the system under test. This information can be gathered on-the-fly whiles the system under test is running.

OneTest Case Studies

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