HCL OneTest

HCL OneTest supports UI, performance and API testing throughout project lifecycles. It features a script-less, wizard-driven, test authoring environment, and supports more than 100 technologies and protocols.

Together, these HCL OneTest components help automate and run tests earlier and more frequently to discover errors sooner (when they are less costly to fix).

UI Testing - HCL OneTest UI enables testers

HCL OneTest UI enables testers to take automation all the way from mainframe terminals with 3270 interfaces, through .NET- and Java-based thick client applications.

Additionally, it works with the latest top browsers, ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle, right up to HTML5-based responsive web applications that are built on modern frameworks like Angular, React and Vue.js.

HCL OneTest Performance Testing

HCL OneTest Performance allows for quickly executing performance tests that analyze the impact of load on applications.

Testers can validate the scalability of web and server-based applications, identify the presence and cause of system performance bottlenecks, while tracking performance changes between versions.

HCL OneTest API triggers and validates a system’s

HCL OneTest API triggers and validates a system’s APIs across a range of network protocols and message formats.

It allows test cases to examine individual exchanges within larger transactions. This can be done in a non-intrusive manner using the same technologies for recording and service virtualization.

OneTest Data Fabrication

HCL OneTest Data generates mock data for testing environments and generates synthetic data sets without the risk of data leaks or privacy issues, all on demand.

With a powerful built-in API, testers can generate data in a number of different ways including the use of predefined datasets, data generation rules, or with custom data generation scripts for any environment.

OneTest Service Virtualization

HCL OneTest Virtualization simulates missing system components to enable faster development and testing. It listens for network traffic in the same fashion as the real service, allowing development and testing activities to continue when the real service is unavailable.

Additionally, it checks for incoming messages, processes those messages, and responds according to the behavior described.

Introducing HCL OneTest Performance on HCL Now

Introducing HCL OneTest Performance on HCL Now

Quickly test applications to real-life peak load scenarios without the high cost of on-prem performance testing infrastructure. Our cloud-based performance testing solution includes infrastructure management, product upgrades and support, and security control maintenance.

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