About OneTest UI

OneTest UI enables testers to take automation all the way from mainframe terminals with 3270 interfaces, through various responsive web applications.

No programming knowledge needed

Relies on graphic scripting

Multiple scripting options

Java, VB.NET and Storyboard

Supportsvarious web browsers

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Linux

Builton a simple model

Record. Enhance. Execute.

Benefits of OneTest UI

Speed and Coverage

Automates tests once done by error-prone manual processes.

Reducing Cost

Finds defects early when they cost less to fix.

Improving Quality

Fast, comprehensive testing optimized for your development environment yields higher quality products.

Simplifying Teamwork

Simple execution model and graphical scripting reliance.

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Webinars On Demand


HCL OneTest 10

Accelerating test automation via the power of containers.

A.I.-driven Test Creation

Using advanced AI-driven NLP techniques, testers can
now quickly and simply convert existing manual test
cases into fully-automated test scripts.

Developing the Data You Need for Testing On Demand

A technical preview on generating synthetic data sets.

HCL OneTest 10.0.2

Advances in test automation and service virtualization.

Try OneTest UI Today!

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