Enable Secure Access From Mobile Computing Devices For Business Applications And Data

HCL SafeLinx provides remote users with secure web-based and client-based access to enterprise applications. SafeLinx supports an extensive list of standard Internet Protocol (IP) and non-IP wireless bearer networks, server hardware and operating systems, and mobile security protocols. HCL SafeLinx enables remote users the flexibility to connect to the internal network from a range of devices, such as desktop, notebook, and mobile devices as well as operating systems.

Flexibility For Remote Users To Access Enterprise Applications

HCL SafeLinx assists non-disruptive roaming when used with VPN clients.

Robust, mature, security rich, and reliable VPN solution

Broad Range of platforms - mobile devices, laptops, desktops

Easy to implement - No changes to applications and underlying network

Clientless HTTP access

Authentication and Encryption

Multiple robust authentication options (Radius, Secure ID, LDAP, Active Directory, Certificate)and Encryption (DES, Triple DES, RCS, AES, and FIPS 140-2certified)

Network Connectivity

Cellular, LAN, Satellite, Dial-up, Radio (IP, non-IP)

Client and Clientless Services

Client-less services for HTTP based applications.

Industry Solutions

Robust solution to accommodate geo-location connectivity