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Personalized Shopping Experience
HCL Commerce

Learn how to build highly Personalized Shopping Experience using HCL commerce's built-in marketing engine and search rules. In just minutes, you will modify an existing e-commerce web site... This solution lets you get hands-on with personalizing two areas of a fictitious furniture retailer’s web site using HCL Commerce. First, you’ll update the Home page hero image before leveraging the Product Recommendations widget to help the site make add-on suggestions based on products already in the customer’s shopping cart.

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Contactless Hotel Experience
HCL Unica Suite

An omni-channel Customer experience campaign typical to Hoteliers for facilitating the booking and contactless hotel check-in thru to the checkout process using Unica and SMS, Email and In-App notifi... Using a combination of Unica Campaign, Unica Journey, and Unica Deliver, this solution demonstrates how Marketers can systematically identify signals in customer data to deliver the right messages and content, in the right channels, at the right time. By providing relevant offers based on customers’ history and behavior, hotel Marketers (in this example) are able to positively impact customer satisfaction and the hotel’s bottom line.

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Targeted Web Content Recommendations

HCL Digital Experience

Discover how a healthcare provider uses HCL Digital Experience to offer a secure patient portal able to match delivered content to users based on their interests and health needs.. This solution demonstrates how HCL Digital Experience (DX) can be used to target content on internal or external sites based on the needs and interests of individual users. Directly experience the power of DX from the perspectives of both users and content creators as you navigate and then modify the site for the fictitious organization, Woodburn Healthcare.

Gain easy access to 50 product components, 2,000+ REST API endpoints, and 40+ cloud native business solutions containerized for cloud deployment. Choose what you’d like to try, and launch it into the SoFy sandbox where, in just minutes, the business solution or product is available for a self-service, hands-on experience.

Easily Deploy HCL Software Products to Kubernetes

HCL SoFy enables businesses to deploy HCL Software products to any cloud – public, private, or hybrid – in minutes. SoFy uses Helm technology to combine HCL Products with common services into portable solutions across all Kubernetes environments.

Scalability and Flexibility

Easily search for any cloud native HCL product and business solutions


Enabled for Kubernetes as Docker images and Helm charts

Increase productivity

Cloud Native repository to access HCL Software product containers and Helm charts


Provides common services to make running in Kubernetes easier

Increase productivity

Implement a multi–cloud strategy and run on any cloud – public, private, or hybrid

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