Tony Arnold - Unica CMO & Raja Adaikalasamy - Head of Product Management

New Highlighted Features and Enhancements

With so many enhancements and new capabilities in 12.1, take a quick walk around the platform with Tony Arnold, CMO for Unica, and Raja Adaikalasamy, head of Product Management for Unica. Hear about new highlighted features and enhancements that will make your marketing faster, easier and more effective in delivering more impactful and valuable engagements with your customers.

Check V12.1 Sessions on CLICK HERE
  • a. Check out the Starting Your Journey to Unica v12.1 Webinar HERE
  • b. You can find the slides from the Starting Your Journey to Unica v12.1 Webinar HERE
  • a. v12.1 System Requirements: Link Here
  • b. Walk-though of Unica v12.1 System Requirements: Link Here
  • c. Check the Dockerized System Requirements on
  • d. Walk-though of Unica v12.1 Dockerized System Requirements: Link Here
You can find the V12.1 Unica Product Documentation Here
Please reach out to us at, please provide us with your company name and location city/country, we’ll then work with you to schedule this remote workshop.
  • a. Learn How Unica is Dockerized Here
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  • c. Check the Unica Cloud Native Overview [Video Coming Up Soon]
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    How to Download Unica!

    Chhatrapal Dhapekar Head of Unica Support details how to obtain the latest Unica software release, how to gain access to dedicated technical support for your HCL Unica products, and more!

    Unica Brochures

    Unica 12.0 Brochure
    English version
    Unica 12.1 Brochure
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    Kimi Cousins, Director, Client Advocacy Program
    “ The mission of our Client Advocacy Program is to build a direct relationship with our customers. We really want to be able to hear their voice.”

    Unica Client Advocacy Program

    Your success with Unica products isn't just about keeping systems up and running - it's about maximizing the value of your investment and achieving your business goals. The HCL Client Advocacy Program offers dedicated supporting to your product implementation, development and training needs

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