Why get this report?

  • Understand the how-tos of planning and creating an Omnichannel strategy.

  • Unravel the relationship the CMO and the CTO should share for a company's steady growth.

  • Learn about the effects of GDPR legislation on various industries and sectors.

Key takeaways from the report

Strong omnichannel setup sees 9.5% revenue growth

Omnichannel strategies enable the customer to easily navigate between the website, social media and physical store.

Streamline your operations with a single vendor

High performing companies deployed a unified martech stack centered around just one major technology supplier.

Tearing down the walls between CMO and CTO

68% retailers said that their CMO and CTO have a close working relationship, leveraging digital capabilities.

Powering personalization with actionable insights

All retailers must prioritize customer experience as the boost in digital behaviour is unlikely to change.

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