Development with flexibility and effective management

HCL VersionVault can help organizations by balancing flexibility with the organization’s need for control. It provides controlled access to soft assets, including code, requirements, design documents, models, schematics, test plans, and test results. User authentication and authoritative audit trails help your organization meet compliance requirements with the minimal administrative hassle for you. With access virtually anytime, anywhere, HCL VersionVault gives you the freedom to work efficiently where and when you need.

Unprecedented Visibility into your Value Stream

HCL VersionVault deployments can support thousands of users, working at dozens of sites, managing terabytes of data. Whether your team is a small workgroup at a single location or a highly-distributed team spanning multiple geographies, HCL VersionVault software provides the scalability you need for your evolving organizational needs.

Unprecedented Visibility into your Value Stream

HCL VersionVault provides a robust centralized repository where all development assets are captured and versioned in a secure way. Access control helps ensure that only authorized individuals may access particular files or make changes. User authentication is performed through operating system authentication mechanisms or through industry standards.

Unprecedented Visibility into your Value Stream

HCL VersionVault provides effective authoritative build auditing. It helps streamline the edit-build-debug cycle and accurately reproduces software versions. HCL VersionVault also provides the ability to automatically generate a detailed software bill of materials, which is used to determine when built objects can be reused or shared by developers using multiple views. By detecting dependencies, reusing derived objects (built artifacts) wherever possible and producing detailed build audit trails, HCL VersionVault helps ensure the reproducibility of software versions and improve build performance

Unprecedented Visibility into your Value Stream

Many problems can occur during software development: bugs that have been corrected reappear, previous releases of software are impossible to find or cannot be rebuilt, files mysteriously change or disappear, builds that previously worked suddenly break.

New Integration Possibilities

Easy to use, easy to embed no-code tool for HCL Products to provide seamless, out-of-the-box integration capability.


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HCL VersionVault

Secure and manage development assets: Source code, schematics, designs, documentation, test scripts… anything.


HCL Compass

Change and issue management with custom workflow automation: Agile boards, work item management, approvals notification, tracking, fully customizable.


HCL Accelerate

Maximize your DevOps investment with value stream management: Make work visible, exploit bottlenecks, and improve DevOps flow across the organization.


HCL Launch

Deploy anything, anywhere: Continuously deliver better quality applications faster than ever before.


Compose with your existing environment

An investment with HCL Software DevOps doesn’t mean you have to replace the tools and platforms your team knows and loves - Instead, we help you maximize and leverage the tools you already have, like Jira, Jenkins, Git, and Kubernetes.


HCL AppScan

Fast, accurate, agile security testing: Rapidly identify, understand, and remediate vulnerabilities and achieve regulatory compliance.


HCL OneTest

Deliver quality with enterprise test automation: UI, API, embedded, and performance testing, with service virtualization and test data fabrication.