Low code to tackle your app backlog.

Low code to tackle your app backlog

From field services to mobile patient insurance to equipment inspections, HCL Volt MX gives you a
low-code platform to tackle your mobile application backlog.

Mobile, VR, Wearables. You’re covered

Mobile, VR, Wearables. You’re covered.

Incorporate innovative, new ways to engage your users to stay ahead of the competition. HCL Volt MX simplifies the adoption of technologies such as in-store wayfinding, intelligent chatbots, VR, AR, and wearables, and more.

Build once, deploy everywhere

Build once, deploy everywhere

Internal dev teams don’t have to be experts on iOS, Android, or any available platform. Manage a single code base and deliver across any digital touchpoint or device — even wearables and kiosks — with best-in class UX.

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