Supported environment

Supports analysis of application abends happening in z/OS, TSO, Language Environment (LE), CICS, IMS, DB2, MQ Series, UNIX System Services.

Supported languages

Provides source level analysis of application abends written in Enterprise COBOL, Enterprise PL/I, Assembler, C/C++ and Java. ZAI also supports analysis of applications optimized by IBM Automatic Binary Optimizer (ABO).

Synopsis of key information

What happened and why? What program? What line of source code? What source variables were involved?

Designed to work in production systems

Invoked via invocation exits of z/OS, Language Environment and CICS environments at the time of application abend to capture just enough information to assist efficient problem diagnosis process. This means minimal overhead to your production systems.

Must have

“Must have” tool for COBOL compiler upgrade projects: no overhead to your production systems when there are no abends and only a minimal overhead during abend analysis as IBM Enterprise COBOL V4.2 compiler End of Support date approaches (September 30, 2021). ZAI speeds up the problem diagnosis process for experienced as well as new developers alike.

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