HCL Z Data Tools (ZDT) provide flexible, user-friendly tools for enhanced file processing.

Manipulate data stored on z/OS systems interactively and in batch processing with a simple, intuitive user interface and remote systems support. ZDT provides comprehensive support for a wide range of data store types.

Support for mainframe data types

ZDT supports manipulation of data stored in a variety of files including data sets (VSAM, QSAM, PDS, PDSE, AIM, OAM), DB2, IMS, WebShpere MQ, CICS and Hierarchical File System under UNIX System Services.

Enhance quality

Improve insights

Accelerate ROI

Reduce risk

Mode of operations

ZDT provides a range of user interfaces to manipulate mainframe data efficiently today and in the future. ZDT enables manipulation of mainframe data interactively under ISPF, in batch using utility functions, and through Java and REST APIs.

Knowledge retention

Define logical structure of mainframe data in ZDT and let the tool retain the mainframe knowledge for future mainframe workforce.

Secure access to data

Control and secure data access based on user profile defined to z/OS System Authorization Facility (SAF) at field, record and file level.

Productivity improvement

Simplify everyday tasks of z/OS and ISPF users: powerful search, clone and remote system access functions just to name a few.

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