HCL OneDB 2.0 Delivers Cloud Native Scalability and High Availability

PUBLISHED DATE: August 19, 2021

HCL Software today announced HCL OneDB 2.0, a dynamic cloud-native, easy-to-use, enterprise database that will accelerate digital transformation within any organization. It is powered by the HCL Solution Factory (SoFy) and lets customers unlock the full potential of OneDB’s cloud native database platform. This offering is designed for companies that need the convenience of SaaS but want to avoid cloud vendor lock-in, prevent data-sharing with competitors, and gain more control of their security and compliance.


HCL SoFy is the foundational cloud native experience platform that allows clients to deploy OneDB on their cloud of choice and scale to enterprise needs. Customers can experience OneDB and other HCL Software products by browsing through the catalog of products, demo packs and accelerators, deploy them in a matter of minutes on the SoFy sandbox or on a local environment, and try out new features and functions. Customers can also complete a proof of concept to help them decide faster on adoption of newer releases and features.


Building on HCL Software’s cloud native strategy, OneDB continues to march ahead with its cloud native foundation demonstrating extreme transaction processing speed, reliability, and flexibility. HCL OneDB is being rapidly adopted within HCL Software's portfolio as the best data platform for quick and effortless cloud native deployment. With the new release, OneDB:


  • Achieves Scalability and High Availability: Delivers on the performance and resiliency that enterprises demand. Auto-scaling adjusts to seasonal business requirements and optimizes costs.
  • Powers HCL Commerce: Achieves near-zero downtime, better horizontal scaling for high availability, improved data replication between data centers, and higher scalability and performance. 
  • Powers HCL Unica: Manages Unica’s marketing platform metadata (system tables) and can be extended to handle customized Unica Campaign user tables within a single docker container.


"We take pride in our commitment to the ongoing investment in the HCL OneDB platform. Our goal is to have OneDB as the datastore for all HCL Software products. So, if organizations are ready for a top contender to power their cloud native applications and data, then the HCL OneDB solution is the platform of choice," said Raj Iyer, Senior Vice President of Product Management.


HCL OneDB is available immediately on customers’ premises or the cloud of their choice, delivered by HCL SoFy. 


For more information on HCL OneDB, visit https://www.hcltechsw.com/onedb


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