HCL Ambassadors are not HCL employees. They, like you, are users in organizations using HCL products. These organizations can be both HCL customers and HCL Business Partners. The difference is that the ambassadors share their expertise and knowledge with you and others in the HCL community. They do this via blogging, writing books, speaking, podcasting, running workshops, creating tutorials and classes, offering support in forums, or organizing and contributing to conferences, webinars, and other events.

An HCL Ambassador’s tenure is for one year. Ambassadors that do not continue their tenure, are always considered HCL Ambassadors Alumni.

HCL chooses one or two of the Ambassadors to become HCL Lifetime Ambassadors. These are people that have proven, over several years, to be the best of the best and have contributed significantly to the HCL community.

Their tenure remains active without the need for renewal.

Ambassador Benefits

Product Management Access

Exclusive events where Ambassadors can ask product managers and HCL Executives questions


Exclusive access to forums and meetings

Early Beta Access

Exclusive early access to beta programs so Ambassadors can test the software before general release.


Free-of-charge licenses to use HCLSoftware products


Enhanced exposure of published content through syndication into the HCL Ambassador's blog

Digital Badges

Authenticated digital recognition that you may use in your social media account

Support Escalation

Immediate escalation of HCL support tickets, resolving problems faster


HCL Ambassador branded merchandise

HCL Ambassadors Class of 2022

Our Ambassadors hold a level of high professionalism and natural leadership, while possessing a passion to build their relationships with their communities. The knowledge and ability to sustain a consistent online presence allows their communities and this program to grow and provide innovative insights.

HCLSoftware brands currently active in the Ambassador program are HCL Digital Solutions and HCL BigFix.


Class of 2022



high level professional Class for HCL Ambassadors