HCL Software Fuels the Ultimate End-to-End Fan Experience

Join us, the European Cricket Network, and millions around the world for real-time game experiences — whether you’re on your phone, in the stadium, or at home.


Our Products & ECN

Unica & ECN

To build the ultimate fan experience, you must be able to personalize your complete user engagement strategy. HCL Unica & ECN have teamed up to fuel the ultimate cricket fan experience and give fans the exact experience they want before, on-site, or after the game. ECN leverages HCL Unica’s real-time interaction capabilities, best-in-class segmentation, behavioral insights, and fan journey mapping to engage fans at every step of their experience across all their engagement channels.

Actian & ECN

HCL Actian and ECN have partnered to allow tech-savvy fans the chance to literally craft their own digital experience with tools leveraging actual real-time league, player, and tournament data. ECN is using Actian Avalanche, the HCL Cloud Data Platform to scale their data infrastructure and global network to deliver breakthrough performance, concurrency, and cost savings for data-driven fan experiences.

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