HCL Discover provides behavioral insight into the online user journey, allowing you to deliver the kind of optimized experience that improves conversion and makes users want to visit again. Detect user friction points and frustration, and quantify the impact of those struggles using real business metrics.  

Struggle Resolution

Struggle Resolution

Identify pain points, leverage in-session messaging and active marketing recovery campaigns in real-time.

Business Impact Analytics

Business Impact Analytics

Leverage user shopping data and site analytics to detect customer behavior changes, reveal revenue enhancement opportunities and understand true business impact.

Rich Behavior Insights

Rich Behavior Insights

Ability to capture and analyze behavioral data to improve user experience, deliver engagement analytics and reduce time to ROI.

Key Capabilities

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Estimated Revenue increase by resolving checkout processing struggles


Checkout improvements

Privacy First Approach

Improve the customer experience through insights into online behavior

We at HCL comply with all major global compliances like GDPR etc. and work closely with our customers to address any type of security concerns they might have. Keeping our customer and their data safe is our topmost priority, therefore, we provide them with complete control over their data, how and what they want to share and how they want us to store the data.

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A platform provides deep behavioral insights into the digital customer journey, leading to positive experiences and increased online conversion