PUBLISHED DATE: Nov 10, 2020


We are here with the latest product offerings from HCL Software to keep technology, people, and processes relevant in the cloud-native space.

This quarter’s list of product releases includes:

HCL Accelerate 2.1 - HCL Accelerate is the latest version of the value stream management platform from the HCL Software DevOps portfolio. This release expands the functionality of the powerful VSM software with new integrations with the most widely used deploy tools so software development teams can get better visibility across their delivery pipelines. HCL Accelerate 2.1 brings a host of governance, reporting, and pipeline visibility features including an open pipeline, automated rule-based gates, enhanced reporting and expanded view settings.

HCL AppScan V10.0.2 - HCL AppScan is a comprehensive solution for application security testing and management activities that integrates directly into your software development lifecycle (SDLC) tools and DevOps toolchains and processes. AppScan V10.0.2 offers fast, agile, accurate scanning with greater accuracy, and provides you with an expanded set of testing capabilities. Watch our special AppScan Tuesdays  YouTube Live session to learn more about our V10.0.2 enhancements. 

Clara v - HCL Clara is an intelligent product expert who helps users learning HCL Software product capabilities and enables self-service automation. Clara goes beyond FAQs as she also transforms routine tasks into unique experiences, which increases end-user satisfaction as they can get simple things done through contextual conversations.  

HCL Complete Collaboration External Edition (CCX) - HCL Customers are now able to add external users to their HCL Domino Complete Collaboration entitlements (CCB). HCL Complete Collaboration External Edition (CCX) is a per-user part number that allows customers to add external users to their CCB entitlements and eliminates the need for server capacity (PVU) based licensing. CCX permits external users to participate in Domino-based applications and workflows. CCB customers who have added Domino Volt for their CCB users can now extend the use of Domino Volt to all CCX users at no additional charge. This announcement reinforces CCB as the main licensing platform for new and current Domino customers. 

Digital Experience Fall 2020 - HCL DX is the trusted platform organizations use to create, deliver, and manage personalized business-critical digital experiences that serve their customers, employees, and partners on any digital channel. The latest release provides significant updates and benefits for all HCL DX customers. 

HERO v1.0.0.4 - HCL HERO, an HCL Software Solution, leveraging Big Data and Machine Learning, helps IT Administrators monitoring the health of their product infrastructure and performs informed recovery actions with specialized runbooks. HERO offers features like multi-environment monitoring, smart runbooks library, and predictive KPI’s for issue prevention. 

HCL Launch 7.1.1 - HCL Launch is the latest version of the continuous delivery tool from HCL Software DevOps, making it easier than ever to deploy anything, anywhere. New features include the ability to define application and component processes using our custom "Processes as Code" language, an integrated resources hub, the ability to approve tasks via email, and improved tag management.

HCL OneDB v1.0 - OneDB is a, a dynamic cloud-native, easy-to-use, enterprise database that will accelerate digital transformation within any organization. HCL Software is expanding its product portfolio in response to the changing data demands of its global customer base. 

Sametime Prem v11.5 - HCL Sametime is what complex industries and government entities use to ensure their most important communications are secure. It’s a proven and trusted persistent chat and video meetings platform, rebuilt for how today’s modern organizations need to be working — nimbly, securely, and remotely — all while reducing operational costs. 

HCL Traveler 11.0.2 - HCL Traveler provides automatic, two-way, over-the-air syncing between HCL Domino® servers and wireless handheld devices, including HCL Verse Mobile clients on Android and iOS and select mobile devices running the Exchange ActiveSync protocol (example, Apple iOS Mail). HCL Traveler syncs mail, calendar, and address book data in real-time. On some select clients, To-Do data is also synchronized.  Traveler 11.0.2 offers MySQL Support and allows the user to change meeting time/date on mobile devices (iOS Apple Mail) with the corresponding room and resources rescheduled or canceled depending on availability.   

Unica Discover v12.1  - Unica Discover is a real-time enterprise-class digital experience analytics platform that delivers behavioral insight analytics for an optimized web and mobile web experience, as well as provide unique session-capture capabilities. Unica Discover empowers enterprises to capture, replay and visualize the individual online user experience, which enables marketers to identify and address friction in their customer’s web or mobile web experience, both pro-actively and in real-time. Discover also delivers a complete and actionable view of the customer journey across channels through its easy integration of an organization’s digital ecosystem. 

Volt MX - Volt MX an industry-leading low-code application development platform for delivering beautiful apps across multiple digital touch points with one platform. Volt MX powers developer productivity, agility, and speed to build apps that transform their business. From native mobile to progressive web apps to wearables, simply build once and deploy any app, anywhere. The platform removes backend complexity and unlocks existing data and business processes to reduce time to market by more than 60 percent. With the support of advanced technologies, engage users in new ways with virtual reality, augmented reality, and voice chat. 

Workload Automation - Users can take advantage of enhanced managed file transfer capabilities, increasing governance on the entire automation process. New enhancements are also available on the mainframe. With the latest Automation Hub’s plugins, the innovations delivered with version 9.5 has expanded to domains such as cloud automation, ERP Process orchestration, and Robotic Process Automation. 

ZAI 1.1 - Z Abend Investigator (ZAI) is a robust problem determination tool for the z/OS environment. ZAI provides precise real-time problem analysis to help developers swiftly recover failed applications. When an application fails, ZAI automatically intercepts the abend and collects real-time information about the event and its environment at the time of failure. ZAI is a trusted z/OS tool designed for developers to analyze and fix problems in z/OS, CICS®, IMS™, Db2®, IBM® MQ, and UNIX System Services environments. 

ZAO v2.1 - HCL Z Asset Optimizer (ZAO) is the market-leading solution for discovering and monitoring software assets on IBM System Z (mainframe) platform. Whether you are looking for a solution to manage IBM/ISV software products or in-house applications, ZAO provides insights you need to manage them effectively.

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