HCL SoFy 2.0 helps Business Partners like ZineOne increase Productivity and Profitability

Publish Date: November 14, 2022 

HCLSoftware, a global leader in enterprise software, announces the launch of HCL SoFy 2.0., designed with new capabilities to help HCLSoftware business partners grow their business and accelerate the sales cycle. HCL SoFy is a business-oriented, self-service cloud platform for delivering a hands-on software experience for demos, proof of concepts (PoCs), training, and trials. For the first time, HCL business partners can post their software products, extensions, and add-ons to be seen, demonstrated, and trialed by the prospects and customers of HCLSoftware and partner ecosystem.

ZineOne, a pioneer and leader of in-session digital marketing, is a partner of HCL SoFy and is looking forward to the benefits of making their product available in HCL SoFy 2.0.

“The ZineOne partnership with HCLSoftware is a potent combination. HCLSoftware’s understanding of the power of giving users easy access to all HCLSoftware’s cloud native products, providing hands-on expertise, and an agile approach to product solutions is uniquely complementary to how the ZineOne team works,” said Jeff Miller, ZineOne’s VP of business development. “We believe this helps to develop industry-leading technology products, platforms, and business solutions. HCL SoFy 2.0 will allow us to drive greater business impact for our clients.”

HCLSoftware business partners will benefit from:

  • Instant business solution demos - HCL SoFy 2.0 has pre-configured solutions to business problems, including step-by-step instructions on how to demonstrate them.
  • Hands-on training - HCL SoFy 2.0 provides a dedicated environment for everyone, enabling full product access, including administration. Users can operate the product for a day, a week, or a month. Businesses can use the pre-built business solutions or their materials for self-guided training or set up multiple instant environments for instructor-led training events.
  • Build custom demos and execute PoCs - HCL SoFy 2.0 enables individuals to set up unique environments with full administrative access to customize the product to the customer's or prospect’s needs, enabling businesses to upload files, run scripts and execute commands. In addition, companies get full command line access.
  • Sets up 30-day trials for business partners’ customers - HCL SoFy 2.0 enables businesses to set up 30-day trial access to HCL SoFy 2.0 for their customers. In addition, a dashboard allows people to see a customer’s progress in registering, logging in, and trying out business solutions and products in HCL SoFy 2.0.
  • Enables business partners to post their software products - HCL SoFy 2.0 enables business partners to set up their product in SoFy for users to learn more, or to try out in the SoFy Sandbox. HCL SoFy 2.0 provides a secure environment for users to demo business partners’ products without having to download or install them themselves.

In addition, HCL SoFy 2.0 will strengthen communication between HCLSoftware, its business partners, and its customers while also providing the ability to optimize best-in-class product listings to increase discoverability and help with sales.

“HCL SoFy 2.0 is a must for our business partners because of the increased digitalization of product solutions, support, and services.,” said Darren Waite, global director, partner programs and operations for HCLSoftware. “Our goal with the newest release is to help our business partners succeed with the right cloud native solutions for their clients, which will undoubtedly yield significant benefits to their business.”

For more information on HCL SoFy 2.0, visit https://www.hcltechsw.com/sofy.

About ZineOne

ZineOne is the only in-session marketing platform that intelligently scores behavior and personalizes the experience of every site visitor in-the-moment, while on your website or mobile app, at scale – regardless of whether the visitor is anonymous or known. Top brands across retail, e-commerce, travel, hospitality, telecom, and banking are able to engage anonymous traffic with industry-specific AI models that predict buyer intent within 5 clicks and personalize the consumer experience within milliseconds.

About HCLSoftware

HCLSoftware develops, markets, sells, and supports software for digital transformation, data, analytics and insights, AI and automation, and enterprise security. HCLSoftware is the cloud-native solution factory for enterprise software and powers millions of apps at more than 20,000 organizations, including more than half of the Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 companies. HCLSoftware's mission is to drive ultimate customer success with investment in relentless product innovation.