HCL AppScan is excited to be a main sponsor in this years, D-Zone’s 2021 Application Security Trend Report!


Why read the report?

Discover how the shift in security focus across the SDLC is impacting dev teams — from addressing the most common threats in application security to exploring best practices and promising solutions for designing secure applications.


About HCL AppScan:

HCL AppScan delivers a fast, accurate, agile security testing platform to ensure your business and your customers are not vulnerable to attacks. HCL AppScan provides comprehensive security testing capabilities including DAST, SAST, IAST, and SCA, and offers the right scanning technology for DevOps use cases through a beautifully designed and simple-to-use experience. Self-correlating findings, targeted guidance, and developer assisted services empower developers to focus on the fix by reducing overall remediation time and enables organizations to manage large-scale security programs with control, visibility, and governance.