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AppScan Standard is a dynamic application security testing tool designed for security experts and pen-testers. Using a powerful scanning engine, AppScan automatically crawls the target app and tests for vulnerabilities. Test results are prioritized and presented in a manner that allows the operator to quickly triage issues and hone-in on the most critical vulnerabilities found. Remediation is made easy using clear and actionable fix recommendations for each issue detected. As a result, continuously testing and assessing risk for web services and applications helps prevent a damaging security breach.

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Most powerful DAST scanning engine in the industry

Statistical analysis test optimization provides control on the trade-off between speed and coverage, and enables faster scans with minimal impact on accuracy.  Leverage proprietary, action-based technology and tens-of-thousands of built-in scans.

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Comprehensive security testing suite

Test web apps, web services and mobile back-ends. Rich reporting helps AppScan users effectively triage and resolve critical vulnerabilities, and continuously assess the security posture of the applications for compliance.

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Handles complex use cases and application flows

AppScan users can tailor testing to suit the needs of most complex apps, by recording complex multi-step sequences, dynamically generating unique data and tracking a diverse set of headers and tokens.

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Optimized testing for maximum impact with minimum effort

Test optimization algorithms deliver an optimal trade-off between speed and coverage, to enable faster scans with minimal impact on accuracy.


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Try AppScan Today!

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