HCL HERO: a WA Administrator’s Best Friend

HCL HERO offers features like multi environment monitoring, smart runbooks library and predictive KPIs for issue prevention, specifically designed to help WA Administrators to:

  • Ensure that the product is continuously up and running and that there are no performance bottlenecks
  • Reduce downtime of scheduling service
  • Detect and prevent misconfiguration issues
  • Detect hidden issues through log parsing capability
  • Prevent overload thanks to KPI prediction, and provides recovery actions

About HERO for Workload Automation

Enterprises depend on Workload Automation to manage business critical workloads, reduce operating costs and deploy new services faster. HCL HERO effectively helps IT Administrators monitor the health of their servers and perform informed recovery actions with specialized Runbooks, keeping your multiple Workload Automation environments responsive and reliable. HERO suggests solution for the know problems and provides an extensible runbook library that helps quickly find a solution for not know problems. The WA Administrator can create his own runbooks and share them among all the operators.

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Detect & Understand Hidden Issues

HERO helps to detect if Servers (MDM, BKM, WAS, DWC, Liberty) are not performing as expected, for instance, due to a peak, a network delay, or a misconfiguration. HERO works even if the WA infrastructure is down.

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Perform Root Cause Analysis

HERO combines tracking of specialized WA KPIs (stored in a Big Data platform) and machine-learning capabilities to recognize, for instance, when the data processing efficiency of MDM lowers under a critical threshold.

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Run The ​Solution​

Operators might need to change WA Server configuration. HERO provides instructions to operators and, if possible, runs recovery procedures automatically. Also, HERO helps trainee operators to solve infrastructure issues.

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Prevent ​Issues​

HERO provides actual KPIs, such as active throughputs and queues, so that WA Administrators can monitor and analyze performances. HERO provides trend estimation of KPIs to predict downtime & overload.


Master Domain Manager (MDM), Backup Domain Manager (BKM), WebSphere Application Server (WAS), Dynamic Workload Console (DWC), Liberty


Defined and recommended by HCL Software specialists

15+ KPIs

Defined by HCL Software specialists

HCL HERO Speeds Up Product Service Maintenance

HERO is a product specific solution that, leveraging Big Data and Machine Learning, helps to maintain your WA environment by bringing AIOps use cases to manage the implementation. HERO effectively combines centralized application monitoring with Runbook automation, providing a solution dedicated to WA, that makes the WA infrastructure responsive, reliable, easy to control and hassle free.

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Out-of-the-box Monitors and Runbooks

Eliminate the need to manually maintain custom monitor scripts. Open platform to integrate predefined custom monitor scripts and runbooks. More than 15 monitors and runbooks provided within solution. Don't fear about WA upgrades, your monitoring & runbook infrastructure offered by HERO is already supporting all WA versions.

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Prediction on KPIs trends

Provide actual KPIs, such as active throughputs (static and dynamic) and queues (mailbox, intercom, monbox, …). Provide AI-powered trend estimation of KPIs to predict potential problems (downtime, overload).

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Failure Prevention

Provide intuitive dashboard with warnings and errors prioritization and email notifications. Control internal queues exhaustion before system hangs.

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Achieve Optimum Performance

Get insights on your infrastructure weaknesses. Monitor critical agent availability. Plan resources allocation.

Try HCL HERO Today

Try HCL HERO Today.

Bring the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to customers with HCL HERO.

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