We value our partners

All of our product groups rely on highly technical, experienced partners with great market presence. Our partners help retain and grow our mutual customer base by providing an energetic eco-system, innovative solutions, and demonstrated brand loyalty.  They continuously seek to strengthen and grow their footprint inside our joint customers. 

These attributes are complimentary to HCL’s aspirations and as such we offer the following values :


  • Business Partners can bring their thought leadership for early adoption and testing
  • Partner discounts based upon capabilities
  • Long-term sustainable relationships
  • Leverage our Lab Services team to jointly provide a Superior Client Experience


  • Innovation and access to developers
  • Simplified working processes
  • Simplified billing to Business Partners
  • Managed Software entitlement
  • Local Market capability recognition


  • Global network of co-innovation labs and delivery capabilities
  • Transparent pricing
  • Complimentary Services
  • Non-compete philosophy

Value to You

We Craft Elegant Solutions with Powerful Technology

Our partner model is designed for long-term client retention on subscription model with straightforward pricing and incentives. Our Business Partners receive the discounting benefits for the entire subscription period and its renewals.

Our Customers Come First

Our partner model focuses on "Customers first" with benefits such as:  Standard, market-based pricing ("the price is the price"), Transparent pricing with no hidden "gotchas", and deal registration for assisted deal support.

Partner Investment & Pricing

HCL Business Partner Agreement Entitlement - A base discount is offered at the partner interview, before further assessment and before the incremental capability discounts are applied.

We Promise You the Best

Non-compete policies, access to Development engineers, the ability to start small (as little as 3 months) and pay as you grow, bundled services + lab advocacy SPoCs, simplified registration, self-support tools, and access to new products and markets

Partner Fees and Discount Qualifiers

Sample Incremental Capability Values

Assessed during interview, and based upon potential inspection of capacity
Offered when BP has L0/L1/L2, collateral Lab Services revenue accelerators
Intertwines our software with their own solution. Qualifies as a member of our Business Partner Advisory Board.
Play / Market opportunity accelerator pre-identified and assessed during engagement
Partner gives referral value determined based upon level of engagement and prime

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