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HCL Sametime Premium brings the modern and secure meetings and chat capabilities that your organization needs while providing the best overall TCO in market.


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Your Meeting.

online meetings software

Selectable meeting modes allow you to tailor your level of security.
Choose your meeting mode – confidential, collaboration, or lecture-style.

Join a meeting safely from your car or motorcycle.
Control your meeting experience using your vehicle’s infotainment system using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Read chat messages and dictate new ones hands-free with Siri.

Double the value with three meeting solutions in one.
Live-stream global team meetings, host interactive lecture-style events, or conduct everyday small team meetings.

Your Data.

Data Privacy

Rock-solid data privacy, encryption and auditability.
Since your Sametime deployment is unique to you, your meetings are protected. Add an additional layer of security with the preview of our end-to-end encryption for your most private internal meetings.

Deploy on a secure private cloud or on-premises 80% faster.
Faster deployment with containers and auto scale with Kubernetes; installs with fewer servers.

Set admin policies and manage resources the way you want in minutes.
It’s easy to define the policies you want to protect your company’s confidential information and privacy.

Your Digital Workplace.

Digital Workplace

Speed up your projects, with uninterrupted collaboration.
Project teams can continue the conversation after the meeting has ended using a persistent workspace with chat, pinned conversations, and video recording.

Monitor your meetings with admin controls and monitoring tools.
Keep track of attendance, chats, and more with auto-generated meetings reports. Enhance meeting security and control access with a waiting room, enforced member management, and password- protected meetings.

Get started faster, start your meeting with one click.
No need to wait for software to install or update. As long as your browser is up-to-date, you’re set.

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