Volt MX provides improved efficiency and developer productivity

Accelerate App Development

Volt MX provides improved efficiency and developer productivity. The platform has robust services for identity, integration, orchestration, business-process automation, and rules management. Paired with our low-code design environment, you can create consumer-grade apps across multiple touchpoints — fast.

Interface and user experience with our low-code development environment

Volt Iris

Create your app’s front-end interface and user experience with our low-code development environment. Iris provides rapid, visual assembly using pre-wired components, templates, and sample apps for an 80% reduction in code.

Enterprise Services Powers and Client Application

Volt Foundry

Our set of enterprise services powers your client applications and integrate with any back-end data, application or systems. Your apps will work offline and data syncs when connectivity is restored. Achieve more than 60% reduction in time to market through pre-built backend adapters.

Native-function interface for widgets and APIs

Volt Flare

This native-function interface for widgets and APIs — along with hybrid and responsive dev frameworks and tools — lets you design apps for any audience, across any device. Flare takes advantage of the underlying device OS for native, and the full power of modern browsers for the web.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs combine the performance and rich user experience of native with the flexibility and simplified maintenance of web.

Within a single code base, you can build both responsive PWAs and native mobile apps from the same project with reusable components across both, in a unified design canvas.

Other Features


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