About BigFix Vulnerability Remediation

With the ever-increasing cybersecurity threats facing organizations, securing your endpoints has never been more critical or important. HCL BigFix delivers a set of essential vulnerability remediation capabilities to help IT and Security Operations quickly and effectively remediate vulnerabilities. Powerful vulnerability remediation capabilities are included with BigFix Lifecycle, BigFix Compliance and BigFix Remediate offerings.


CyberFOCUS Analytics

Helps IT Operations team discover, prioritize, and patch critical vulnerabilities by providing the ability to simulate vulnerability remediations, define and manage Protection Level Agreements (PLAs), and analyze CISA Known Exploited Vulnerability exposures.

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BigFix Insights for Vulnerability Remediation

Integrates BigFix with leading vulnerability management sources of vulnerability data to help BigFix users prioritize remediation for discovered vulnerabilities and dramatically compress the time between discovery and remediation.

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Align security and IT operations

Improve Endpoint Security

BigFix can help IT and Security Ops discover, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities fast, effectively reducing the attack surface.

reducing remediation time from hours or days to minutes

Speed Remediation

Remediating vulnerabilities quicky is of paramount importance, especially when confronted with zero-day vulnerabilities.

Shrink attack surfaces and close

Integrate With Industry-Leading Vulnerabilities Scanners

By integrating with Tenable and Qualys, BigFix helps you compress the time between vulnerability discovery and remediation.

BigFix security and operations teams

Leverage Threat Information

By leveraging the ATTACK knowledge base and known exploited vulnerabilities published by CISA, organizations more aggressively reduce vectors of attack.